Email routing

routing mechanism will be a dotted path from the project to the application/tool to the specific artifact within that app that is used like this:

Which would translate into the devtools project which is a subproject of turbogears, and it’s bug tracker and ticket 142 in that tracker:

And it in turn would be published to the message bus, which will assure that all tools that are registered to be notified for that e-mail addresses are called like that.

If your app has more than one artifact type, you could nest them inside*

If you were working with the bug tracker directly on the TurboGears project:

Email Content Handling

On Allura message bodies should be composed as markdown. Multi-part mime encoded messages should be sent include plain text (the markdown) and html (rendered from the markdown).

Users are allowed to register that they want plain text only.

We will also include some text in the footer of the e-mail message with a link to the message online. We can use this link to guess where in the thread the message belongs in the case of a messed up e-mail client that does not set the headers for the reply properly.

The nice thing about this is that it’s pretty much already implemented for us via the meta tool.

This metadata syntax will let you set fields on tickets and otherwise interact with the system via e-mail, assuming you have such permissions.