Create a Project

Select the tools to use in your project. You may add or remove tools at any time.

Upload executables for your project. You may maintain version specific executables as well.

Documentation is key to your project and the wiki tool helps make it easy for anyone to contribute.

Organize your project's bugs, enhancements, tasks, etc. with a ticket system. You can track and search by status, assignee, milestone, labels, and custom fields.

A link to a URL of your choice, either on this site or somewhere else. It will appear in your project menu alongside the other project tools.

Git is a popular distributed version control system with broad functionality. It is known for its speed, flexibility, and data integrity.

Feedbacks are given for the tools in the form of reviews and ratings, edit and delete the feedback

Discussion forums are a place to talk about any topics related to your project. You may set up multiple forums within the Discussion tool.

Share exciting news and progress updates with your community.

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