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To build an Allura vagrant box:

$ mkdir ~/vagrant_allura && cd ~/vagrant_allura

# Get the base box, see
# 12.04 is LTS, so will be good to stick with for some time
$ vagrant box add ubuntu-1204-server-amd64
$ vagrant init ubuntu-1204-server-amd64

# Get a copy of the provisioning scripts (note, Vagrantfile may change from
# release to release and may need manual updating)
$ cp -R /var/local/allura/vagrant/* .

# At this point you can make whatever changes you want to the provisioning
# scripts.  Currently, the .pp puppet file runs first and sets some stuff up
# and then runs and does more.

# Provision the box (this will take a while)
$ vagrant up

# If you get an error, you can run `vagrant ssh` to get in and debug, and then
# `vagrant destroy` to start over

# Once the provisioning succeeds, `vagrant ssh` to the vm and do any testing
# you want to do. You should at least run `./ && ~/start_allura` and
# make sure you can access the app at http://localhost:8080. After testing,
# remain logged into the vm for the next step (compression).

# Compress the VM. This will make your final .box file much smaller. It'll
# take a while. Once it finished, logout of the vm.
$ sudo /vagrant/

# Package the Allura box
$ vagrant package --vagrantfile Vagrantfile.pkg

# Test your new box
$ mkdir ~/vagrant_allura_test && cd ~/vagrant_allura_test
$ vagrant box add allura ~/vagrant_allura/
$ vagrant init allura
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh

# Do whatever testing you want...

# If everything checks out, you can rename your and upload it