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Google Summer of Code

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) participates in the Google Summer of Code every year. This means that Allura will be eligible to receive student proposals.

Where to start

As a student, it can be a daunting task to prepare and submit a proposal. The best way to get started is to find something from the project idea list linked below. Read the existing ticket to see if it sounds like a project that would interest you for the summer.

If you install and run Allura and get a little development experience with it, you can come up with your own ideas too. We love getting new ideas as well, and they are encouraged! Please get in touch with the developers to discuss your ideas though, and make sure they are really good.

Once you have an idea, it is best to subscribe to the allura-dev mailing list and begin a discussion about the idea you want to use for your proposal.

After some discussion on the list you will want to head over to the GSoC website and get registered as a student. Familiarize yourself with the timeline there and all the resources they provide.

The "Tickets" tab on this site has lots of ideas, bugs, etc from the whole history of the project. They may give you some ideas, but some big project ideas that we recommend are listed here. This link is on the JIRA site that is used by all of the Apache Software Foundation so that all GSOC ideas can be grouped together there. Feel free to check out other GSOC ideas there too (click the gsoc20xx label link). Allura discussions and questions should be on our own tickets or mailing list though (we don't use JIRA much really)


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