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Ensure indexes are created in mongo:

$ paster ensure_index production.ini

More paste commands are defined in the Allura/ file, in the [paste.paster_command] section

To clone a repo locally (e.g. git):

$ git clone /git/p/test2/git.git

To send an email locally to the smtp_server, run this. Change hostnames, tool & project names, and the Message-Id.

$ telnet localhost 8825
mail FROM:<>
rcpt TO:<>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: subj
Message-Id: <fooCHANGE-THIS-ID@test>
In-Reply-To: <foo26@test>

hey there

telnet> Connection closed.

Enabling SSH Key Upload

auth.allow_upload_ssh_key = true

in development.ini