Contributing Code

Contributing Code

If you're new to Allura development, be sure to check out the Contributing Guide in the official docs before getting started.

Develop and test your patches locally and then push your changes up to your fork of Allura, and from there send us a merge request.

Things your commits must have/do:

  • follow PEP-8 coding guidelines (except the 79-char line length. Going up to 100, sometimes even 119 is ok)
  • contain appropriate tests to be added to the automated tests
  • pass existing tests (and/or fix existing tests that need to change)
  • be divided into an appropriate number of commits, one per reasonable "chunk" of functionality

Things your patch will have before it can be merged into the 'master' branch:

  • Discussion either on the mailing list or in the merge request, where you submitted it
  • Code-review (possibly many times as you re-work your patches in response to discussion)

Very small patches might not need much discussion.


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