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Google Summer of Code


Apache Software Foundation has been accepted again at Google Summer of Code! This means that Allura (ASF Incubating) will be eligible to receive student proposals.

GSOC is one of the most popular open source mentorship programs. You can find more information, FAQs and tutorials for students, mentors and org admins in the official website. Check also some real examples of good GSoC project proposals.

Where to start

As a student, it can be a daunting task to prepare and submit a proposal. The best way to get started is to find something from the project idea list below. Read the existing ticket to see if it sounds like a project that would interest you for the summer.

If you don't find anything in the existing list of ideas, but reading through the tickets has given you your own idea, great! We love getting new ideas as well and they will receive the same amount of consideration as any existing ideas.

Once you have an idea, it is best to subscribe to the allura-dev mailing list and begin a discussion about the idea you want to use for your proposal.

After some discussion on the list you will want to head over to the GSoC website and get registered as a student. Once registered you can submit your proposal for working on Allura to the Apache Software Foundation.

We have created a label for tickets and ideas that we think are good candidates for GSoC to make it very easy to browse the latest Allura GSoC ideas.

User Project Makeover [#2879]

Our existing User Project page need a lot of work. In their current state, they are pretty useless. Ideally we would like the User Project to be the a users information hub. The place where an Allura user will get information about what happened, what others are doing, and have quick and easy access to their repositories and projects.

This idea involves an equal amount of front-end and backend work. You learn about many different parts of the Allura system. Extended information can be found in the ticket.

In-site messaging [#4725]

Pagination on threaded discussions is cumbersome [#5709]

Improve merge requests [#6090]

Search for users [#6091]