Git Merge Request #142: [#8104] Skip creating metapost if list of changes is empty (merged)



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Rohan Verma wants to merge 3 commits from /u/rhnvrm/allura/ to master, 2016-08-09

To test:

  • Create a dummy ticket
  • Click on edit ticket
  • Press save

Before applying, should create an empty meta post.
After applying, should not create new meta post.

Commit Date  
[5f9ae2] (rhnvrm/8104) by Rohan Verma Rohan Verma

[#8104] fixed test failiure in test_move_ticket_email_notifications

2016-08-08 18:36:30 Tree
[ec6eca] by Rohan Verma Rohan Verma

[#8104] bug squashed which was found in test_move_ticket_email_notifications

2016-07-26 09:14:14 Tree
[a43a20] by Rohan Verma Rohan Verma

[#8104] Skip creating metapost if list of changes is empty

2016-07-18 22:40:46 Tree


  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-07-19

    Test failure in test_move_ticket_email_notifications. It would be good to run the test suites before submitting a merge request.

    • Rohan Verma - 2016-07-20

      I had ran the tests but it gave an E instead of an F so I ignored it after looking at [#5691].

      Looking into it further now, I still am not able to understand why this is happening



      Tickets: #5691

      • Dave Brondsema

        Dave Brondsema - 2016-07-20

        I think what's happening in the test is after it moves the tickets, then in line 2242 and below, it's using the edit form for the ticket, and only adds a comment and doesn't make a change to any field. Then the comment is posted, but no notification goes out. Testing that myself I see the same thing happen, so I think the test caught a bug in the change :)

        • Rohan Verma - 2016-07-26

          Thanks for explaining. Took some time to understand and think about how to solve it. Have updated the commits.

          • Dave Brondsema

            Dave Brondsema - 2016-07-27

            Unfortunately, the test is still failing :(

            • Rohan Verma - 2016-08-08

              Fixed now

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-08-09
    • Status: open --> merged

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