#7853 Request to restore accidentally deleted tracker replies




We discovered the following page a few days ago:
When filtering by "Any", at the time, it showed 27 pages of items going back several years. Thinking it referred only to mailing list moderation, I proceeded to select and delete all the old items, and accept only the last page (most recent).
Well, yesterday, we discovered that most of the comments and replies on our "libSBML" tracker have been deleted. It appears I misunderstood what is being "moderated": it now appears it is not email notifications to the mailing lists associated with trackers, but rather, the actual replies to tracker items/tickets on the ticket pages themselves. It seems that clicking "delete" on items actually removed existing replies and comments, even if they have already appeared on a ticket.
This is very bad for us. Is there any way to undelete them or recover them? Can we please request this is done?
Thanks for any help,
P.S. May I please recommend that the purpose of this moderation page be made more clear? It was highly unintuitive to us that it could retroactively remove comments and replies that already appeared on tickets (in most cases, going back many years). In fact, we were shocked when we realized what happened. A little bit more explanation and warning would have been very, very welcome.

After looking into this we won't be able to assist with the restore but we can look into changing the interface


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