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8072 Change "asked you to merge" text closed Rohan Verma bitesize, merge-requests Heith Seewald 0  
8069 Ticket search error: undefined field assigned_to closed Dave Brondsema Heith Seewald 0  
8066 Don't error out on missing users closed Dave Brondsema Heith Seewald 0  
8061 Attachments not visible if ticket status is 'pending' closed Dave Brondsema Heith Seewald 0  
8058 Allura translation closed 0  
8057 Handle user-projects better in project delete form closed Dave Brondsema Heith Seewald 0  
8056 Use Allura .box file closed .box 0  
8054 Remove Google Code importers closed Dave Brondsema google-code, import, sf-current, sf-1 Heith Seewald 0  
8051 Backend support for attachments in exports closed Denis Kotov sf-current, sf-4, 42cc Heith Seewald 0  
8047 Akismet filter needs to send original metadata when reporting spam/ham closed Dave Brondsema spam, sf-1 Heith Seewald 0  
8046 Don't duplicate titles on neighborhood pages closed Heith Seewald ux, neighborhood, sf-current, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 0  
8045 Update Allura api docs with new admin endpoints closed Dave Brondsema api 0  
8044 API for current site notification closed Igor Bondarenko api, sf-current, sf-2, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
8042 Better handing of tmp dirs during merge closed Igor Bondarenko stability, sf-current, 42cc, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 0  
8041 Update regexes to match DNS host rules better closed Dave Brondsema sf-1 Igor Bondarenko 0  
8039 Change jslint to use an npm tool instead of java closed Dave Brondsema sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
8038 Support mongo 3.x closed Dave Brondsema mongo, sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
8037 Change "Label" admin option to "Rename" closed Igor Bondarenko ux, sf-1, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
8036 Update modal css (simple-flat-dark) closed Heith Seewald ux, sf-1 Dave Brondsema 1  
8035 Finalize frontend eslint/jscs setup closed Heith Seewald sf-current, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 0  
8034 Fire event for any menu changes closed Dave Brondsema new-admin, sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
8033 broken closed Dave Brondsema sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
8032 Set up primary emails for test users (paster setup-app) closed Pranav Sharma Dave Brondsema 0  
8031 Search interface for blog closed Pranav Sharma search Dave Brondsema 0  
8029 Submitter should be able to reject merge request closed Pranav Sharma merge-requests 0  
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