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8070 What is the DocumentRoot of Allura Installation - Centos 7 - PHP 5.4 closed installation, konfiguration, allura 0  
8028 Use virtualenv inside docker closed Dave Brondsema sf-2 Igor Bondarenko 0  
8027 Fix licensing of several files closed Dave Brondsema licensing, sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
8026 Remove jquery.file_chooser.js closed Dave Brondsema licensing, sf-1 Heith Seewald 0  
8018 First confirmed email should become the primary closed Pranav Sharma Heith Seewald 0  
8016 Dialog 'cancel' link in wrong place closed Igor Bondarenko ux, sf-1, 42cc 0  
8015 Activitystream needs ming config option NEEDS INI closed Dave Brondsema activitystreams, sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
8014 Bug: removed upsert() method needed by TracWikiImporter closed Igor Bondarenko import, sf-2, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
8011 Served SVG images can execute JS closed Dave Brondsema security, sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
8007 Broken icon images when running under gunicorn closed Dave Brondsema sf-1 Igor Bondarenko 0  
8004 Remove tool icons from project nav closed Dave Brondsema ux, sf-4 Heith Seewald 0  
7999 Admin page to really delete projects closed Igor Bondarenko sf-8, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
7997 image attachments visible on posts (replies) awaiting moderation closed Igor Bondarenko sf-1 Dave Brondsema 0  
7995 Some docker config & doc improvements closed Dave Brondsema sf-1, docker, docs Heith Seewald 0  
7994 Fix comments split across two threads, not all comments showing closed Dave Brondsema sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
7991 Option to limit phone validation usage NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX closed Dave Brondsema sf-2 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7990 Change link on new_projects admin page closed Dave Brondsema sf-1 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7986 Wiki not imported properly from Google Code closed Dave Brondsema support, ss11216, import, google-code, sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
7984 Fix layout at bottom of subscriptions page closed Dave Brondsema ux, sf-2 0  
7980 Fix pep8 and pyflakes violations closed Dave Brondsema cleanup, sf-2 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7979 Phone validation interfering with project import closed Dave Brondsema phone, import, sf-1 Heith Seewald 0  
7976 JSX support closed Dave Brondsema sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
7972 Auto open admin sidebar closed Dave Brondsema ux, sf-1 Heith Seewald 0  
7971 Incorrect Content-Type on first CSS requests, causing CSS not to be used closed ux, getting-started, sf-2 0  
7970 Expand urlopen retry conditions closed Dave Brondsema sf-1 Heith Seewald 0  
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