#7993 Support Ticket#10149: Symlink README does not work



My project utilized Mercurial repository for code. File README.md, placed into the root directory, is correctly parsed (as markdown) and displayed in the "Code" section of my projects. That's good.
However, some build systems and/or coding standards require README file, not README.md. I tried to satisfy both SourceForge and coding standard requirement and created symlink README -> README.md. However, in such a case SourceForge shows just text "README.md", not content of README.md. See https://sourceforge.net/p/orlaterpack/code/ci/default/tree/
I tried opposite variant: README is a text file with markdown formatting, and README.md is a symlink to README. In such a case SourceForge shows content of README, but as a plain text, markdown formatting is not parsed.
Thus, both variants do not work for me.
It seems SourceForge tries to read README first, if it is not found, then SourceForge reads README.md. That's ok. However, SourceForge interprets symlinks as plain text files — this is not ok. If SourceForge meets a symlink, it should follow the symlink, find the name of target file, and read the target appropriately (respecting target suffix, e. g. .md, .txt, etc).
For example, SourceForget tries to read README first. If it is a symlink to README.md, SourceForge should read README.md as markdown file.


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