Search help

Searching for tickets

Searches use solr lucene query syntax. Use the following fields in tracker ticket searches:

  • User who owns the ticket - assigned_to
  • Labels assigned to the ticket - labels
  • Milestone the ticket is assigned to - _milestone
  • Last modified date - mod_date
  • Created date - created_date
  • Body of the ticket - text
  • Number of ticket - ticket_num
  • User who created the ticket - reported_by
  • Status of the ticket - status
  • Title of the ticket - summary
  • Private ticket - private
  • Discussion Disabled ticket - discussion_disabled
  • Votes up/down of the ticket - votes_up/votes_down (if enabled in tool options)
  • Votes total of the ticket - votes_total
  • Imported legacy id - import_id
  • Custom fields:
    • _component
    • _reviewer

Example searches

Any ticket that is not closed in the 1.0 milestone with "foo" in the title

!status:closed AND summary:foo* AND _milestone:1.0

Tickets with the label "foo" but not the label "bar":

labels:foo AND -labels:bar

Tickets assigned to or added by a user with the username "admin1" and the custom field "size" set to 2

(assigned_to_s:admin1 or reported_by_s:admin1) AND _size:2

The ticket has "foo" as the title or the body with a number lower than 50

(summary:foo or text:foo) AND ticket_num:[* TO 50]

Tickets last modified in April 2012

mod_date_dt:[2012-04-01T00:00:00Z TO 2012-04-30T23:59:59Z]

Private tickets


Saving searches

Ticket searches may be saved for later use by project administrators. To save a search, click "Edit Searches" in the tracker sidebar. Click "Add Search" then enter a summary and search terms for the saved search. Your search will now show up in the sidebar under "Searches" with a count of how many tickets match the query.

Sorting search results

Ticket search results can be sorted by clicking the header of the column you want to sort by. The first click will sort the results in ascending order. Clicking the header again will sort the column in descending order. In addition to sorting by the column headers, you can manually sort on these properties:

  • Labels assigned to the ticket - labels_t
  • Milestone the ticket is assigned to - _milestone_s
  • Last modified date - mod_date_dt
  • Created date - created_date_dt
  • Body of the ticket - text_s
  • Number of ticket - ticket_num_i
  • User who created the ticket - reported_by_s
  • Status of the ticket - status_s
  • Title of the ticket - snippet_s
  • Private ticket - private_b
  • Discussion disabled ticket - discussion_disabled_b
  • Custom fields:
    • _component
    • _reviewer

You can use these properties by appending them to the url (only one sort allowed at a time) like this: