#1211 HTML vs XHTML issues with output pages

sf-4 (350)

It turns out that we brand our pages as XHTML (see jinja_master/master.html), while send them as html mime type still. This is known to cause confusion and issues:

We kinda already had confusion with <div/>, this issue was preceeded by http://bitbucket.org/rick446/easywidgets/issue/6/element-rendered-unclosed-for-jinja , so it's time to clear it up.

As Rick puts it:

EasyWidgets widgets are supposed to specify their template engine + the template itself, so it's not really an EasyWidgets issue. Allura isn't supposed to be serving XHTML, not sure how that got missed in the jinja conversion. We should serve either html4 or html5, with my preference for html 5 mainly due to the short doctype (<!DOCTYPE html>). Also note that allura pages are served with content-type of text/html and are being rendered as html, it seems (based on behavior when seeing
in the content). Also see http://hixie.ch/advocacy/xhtml . Please go ahead and ticket up a change of the master template to html4 or html5, as you feel most comfortable.

My guess is that we should do the same as sfpy/dist do, and they use HTML5 IIRC. I'm going to check that up.


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    Paul Sokolovsky - 2010-12-13

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