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There should be a code review feature in place, however this usually requires a change in workflow with ticket tracking and the powers that be need to decide the location(s) that it is required from and to. i.e. if I create a jg/codereview branch and then request a pull for X commits then it may just make sense to (once accepted) be put into dev.
To avoid NIH, I would appreciate any and all suggestions for known code review tools. Additionally a set of minimal (required) and optimal (good to have) specs and features would be good too.

Some ideas off the top of my head for features (not ranked) are:

  • ticket and code review tie in... but not in a way that there is spammy (how in the heck do you spell that, lol) duplication of info for things like comments and such. Perhaps just ticket #(s) (and comment #(s)) between the two, thus preserving some sanity between code review comments and subsequent fix comments.
  • graphs are purty
  • code review should allow for easy reference of code outside of copy-and-paste WITH annotation (personally I call this a MUST HAVE)
  • plans (hooks?) for use with any intended 'one ring to rule them all' tie in of all artifacts together. i.e. a rejected feature due to code review rejection and/or ticket status change could later be (easily) dug up... this is great for ideas or tools ahead of their time ;)
  • integration with any stat/graph tool like [#871] (as I said... graphs are purty)


Tickets: #871


  • Rick Copeland - 2011-03-15
    • assigned_to: Jason Galyon
  • Mark Ramm

    Mark Ramm - 2011-03-15

    I think the workflow in the github code code review process is probably the best DVCS code review tool I've seen. Basically there is an object called a pull request that shows the commits that ought to be merged, and it's possible to add comments to any line in any of the diffs on the commits. Discussion of the whole patch is also allowed.

    I think we should support review of branches within the same repository, but otherwise that UI makes good sense to me for pull request/code review management. I do think we should call it "merge request" and allow it to be from a branch in the same repo, not just from a separate repo (as in github).


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