Dave Brondsema - 2014-10-30
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  • summary: Combine pyforge and project-data dbs --> Combine allura and project-data dbs
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-New projects are going into project-data db.  Top-level collections are in pyforge.  Would be great to share one, 'allura'.  See also [#1585].
+Project info goes into `project-data` db.  Top-level collections are in `allura`.  Might be nice to have all share one.

-Rick notes that the 'users' collection, maybe more, would conflict between pyforge and project-data.  We'd have to rename with: db.foo.renameCollection('bar');
+The `globals` collection would conflict.  ForgeTracker has a `globals` on `project-data` and ForgeChat has a `globals` on `allura`.  Both should be named better, "globals" is way too generic.


Tickets: #1585