#3475 when editing the view columns in tracker results, sorting on a field column re-adds hidden columns

bitesize (76)

view any tracker search result
click the column editor, hide a column or two
click a remaining column header to sort
hidden columns re-appear


Tickets: #3296


  • Chris Tsai - 2012-09-26
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  • Chris Tsai - 2013-08-13


    Similar report:

    When viewing a list of bugs for a project, if you click the "Select Columns" icon and select one of the non-default columns to display, the column is only shown on the initial page load. If you try to sort by that column, it disappears when you click on that column header to sort it.

    For example, I clicked "Select Columns" and selected the "Creator" column to show. Next I clicked on the "Creator" column to sort it by "Creator". When the page reloaded with the sort options in effect, the "Creator" column was no longer shown.

    This issue occurs on IE8 and Firefox 23.0. Tested on 2 separate machines with same results.

    On IE9.0 and IE10.0, the dialog never showed up to select columns when clicking on the appropriate button and I was not able to display any extra columns. When clicking "Select Columns", it reveals "SCRIPT5: Access is denied js, line 6 character 68523" in the IE JavaScript console.

    When placing IE10 into IE8 Compatibility View mode, it suffered from the same issue as FF and IE8 mentioned above where the column would disappear after sorting.

    So, essentially the reverse the original report, but seems like the same root symptom to me (custom columns resetting when sorting)

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-03-17
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