#4218 Help Wanted tool

Rich Bowen

We need a tool that helps connect projects with developers. This would include the following features:

  • The ability of a developer to indicate their strengths and skills, e.g., Perl, Database, Documentation
  • A project may post a "help wanted" listing for a particular bug, feature, or task, and tag it with certain accompanying skills that would be required. This should probably always be associated with a ticket. May possibly associate a bounty with this listing. (?)
  • A developer may be notified of listings that match their profile (email, twitter, listed on user's page when they log in, or otherwise actively notify them as they use the site)
  • Anyone may search for listings by language, skill, or other keywords.
  • Keep track of when the loop is closed (ie, a developer is successfully connected with a project) so that we can follow up on success stories.
  • Track developer statistics. i.e., user_x has responded to this many Help Wanted postings, and has closed this many tickets as a result of their involvement.


Tickets: #5416
Tickets: #5417
Tickets: #5419
Tickets: #5420
Tickets: #5422


  • Rich Bowen - 2012-06-19

    I talked with 'paulproteus' on #openhatch on Freenode, about the possibility of some kind of interaction between SF and OH. He'd like for us to have a better interop before we start telling projects about the site.

    From conversation on the #openhatch IRC channel:

    [14:51] <paulproteus> It'd be good for us to write an implementation of a crawler for the Allura backend before we do any big announcement, then, since that's an obvious thing people will want.
    [14:52] <paulproteus> If you want, you folks could modify the Allura bug tracker interface to have a standard for marking bugs as "good for newcomers"
    [14:52] <paulproteus> And then OpenHatch could query an API on your end that let us see which projects had any bugs with that tag set, in which case those bugs could show up on openhatch.org automatically, without user intervention.

    Does this seem like something we could pursue from our end?

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2012-08-23

    See also [#2660]

  • Chris Tsai - 2012-10-17
    • labels: --> p3
  • Rich Bowen - 2012-11-08
    • labels: p3 --> p3, for-community
  • Rich Bowen - 2012-12-04
    • labels: p3, for-community --> p3, for-community, helpwanted

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