#6735 Cache markdown rendering results -> posts first

Cory Johns

Some markdown content (e.g. lots of HTML) can take a while to render. Let's cache the results, and serve the HTML result directly for future requests.

Scope: let's limit to just Post comments first, since those can have many show up on one page. Plan for the future where any artifact might have a cached result that can be served up.

Cache invalidation: need to invalidate when the content changes, of course. Also macros and artifact-references can be incorrect when those remote content changes. I don't think we have a way to invalidate based on those easily. Keeping scope to comment posts will help, since those don't have many macros (e.g. compared to wiki & tickets for example)


Tickets: #6207


  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2013-10-04
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  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2013-10-04

    Let's store this as a field right on the post artifact, so it's available to check during the render call easily.

    Only cache when needed, e.g. render time above a configurable threshold value.

  • Tim Van Steenburgh

    • status: open --> in-progress
    • assigned_to: Tim Van Steenburgh
  • Tim Van Steenburgh


  • Tim Van Steenburgh

    • status: in-progress --> code-review
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    Anonymous - 2013-10-13

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  • Cory Johns

    Cory Johns - 2013-10-15
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  • Cory Johns

    Cory Johns - 2013-10-15
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