#6920 Include bulk_export_download_instructions in export API result


The bulk_export_download_instructions text that is included in emails after an export should also be included in the success API result for a bulk export. Then users of the API will have instructions handy and not have to do a manual export to get them via email.


  • Anonymous - 2013-12-05

    Originally by: vampire0

    These instructions should not only be added to the result (if at all), but also to the API documentation.
    As an API user I'd expect all information to be available in the written documentation, not in the API results.
    I usually wouldn't look into the result of an API call for instructions on how to proceed further, but in the API docs, that's why I requested an update of the docs, not the result. :-)
    Also it would produce unnecessary traffic, as then every export request will be bigger by those instructions that a backup script probably cannot use if it is targeted at a human reader. That's why I asked for a fix in the documentation. :-)

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-06-30
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