#7028 severely stunted landing page html after vagrant install

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Originally created by: tuinstra

Followed the instructions on "Install and Run Allura - Vagrant" page. All steps appeared to work, and I was able to connect to localhost:8080, but what was there was extremely incomplete. See attached "All Neighborhoods.html" ... that's all there was.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-01-07

    Originally by: tuinstra

    Thanks, Dave, that was it. I finally got the page after clearing the cache in Chromium, but neither clearing the cache nor private browsing worked in IceWeasel/Firefox.

    This should probably be documented in the "Install and Run Allura - Vagrant" page, at the end of the "Connect to the VM and start Allura" section. Perhaps "If you see a page that looks like it's lacking CSS formatting, try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page, or using a different browser (more information on this problem here)." ... with the last word linked to the bug you cite. Not knowing this cost me about a day.

    I wonder if the race condition gets triggered by the low latency when hosting Allura in a VM on a local machine. Perhaps artificially inducing some latency somewhere might be a (grotesque but useful) workaround.

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-01-07
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  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-01-07

    Commit in branch db/7028 to add an informative message when this happens

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