#7115 Partial SVN snapshot not working [ss6552]

Chris Tsai


I'm one of the team members for the Open Object Rexx project. We have the code SVN reposiory tool activated. When I browse through our repository, I see a "Snapshot" link at the top of each page, which I had assumed would generate a snapshot of the current subdirectory of the repository.

This does not work.

Using this URL as an example:


There are 4 files in that subdirectory. I've attached a .png showing the page. I expect the snapshot function to generate a .tar or .zip file containing the content of the subdirectory for easy downloading.

When I click the Snapshot link I get a page saying:

Generating snapshot ...

With the URL being:


Which lead me to believe things were working. ;-)

However, it takes an extremely long time for the file to be generated and when it is downloaded it is over 270 MB in size:

01/19/2014 11:36 PM 270,223,208 oorexx-code-0-9860.zip

The file listed above appears to contain a large portion of the entire repository.

I can't believe that the Snapshot feature is intended to work that way. It must be a bug.

I've tried several times and the results are the same.

Mark Miesfeld

Confirmed, behavior is exactly as described in my testing.


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    Dave Brondsema - 2014-01-29
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  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-01-29


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