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Originally created by: wellread1

I am a user of an Allura based forum (KeePass on Souceforge).

Periodically my posts get flagged “Post awaiting moderation.”. As far as I can tell there is nothing in the post that should trigger such filtering. Below is a copy of a post that got flagged. I submitted three minor variants. All got flagged. The text below is the third variant that I attempted to post.

Thread containing the actual posts is at the following link: https://sourceforge.net/p/keepass/discussion/329221/thread/732e37b1/?limit=25

First, The suggestions were intended to convey that there are a number of possible options. Keep in mind not all options are mutually compatible.

A major first decision is to decide whether you wish to work in the same KeePass Workspace or not:

  1. If you wish to work in the same KeePass Workspace: You will share the same global hotkey (Ctrl-Alt-A). The consequence of sharing a global hotkey is that whenever both databases are open, and you use the hotkey to log in to an account where each of you have separate accounts, you will be presented with a dialog giving you the choice of which credentials to use. If you don't use the global hotkey then the issue does not arise. When you share a Workspace, it is likely (depending on your work habits) that you will have access to the contents of the other's open database displayed as separate tab in the same Workspace.

  2. If you wish to work in different KeePass Workspaces. It is easier to keep your databases separate but if one of you forgets to lock their database, the other will be still be able to access its contents. Is will be still possible to open multiple databases in a single Workspace. It is possible to configure each Workspace with a different global hotkey (but only if you install separate copies of KeePass, and you will need to keep track of which database is open in which Workspace).

What will be the effect of "AutoOpen" databank?

The KeeAutoExec plugin is suitable if you want to work in the same KeePass Workspace. The autoopen group is a special group in a database that is used by the KeeAutoExec plugin. It contains the paths and Master Keys to other databases that the KeeAutoExec plugin can use to open those databases. The documentation for KeeAutoExec is in the KeeAutoExec_ReadMe.html file included with the plugin.

I installed the plugin "HighResIcon" for different colored shortcuts icons.
What I have to do after installation to use it?

Icon files are useful if you wish to make multiple shortcuts that can be distinguished quickly by color. This is mostly useful if you want to work in separate Workspaces.

I think you are referring to the HighResIcon.zip file (not a plugin). It contains a single high resolution version of the KeePass Icon. I wasn't explicit, but I was referring to the colored icons that are contained in the KeePass 2.25 source code file. You can download the KeePass 2.25 source code from the Other Downloads and Resources section of the KeePass download page.

Open the zip file, navigate to the Ext\Icons directory and extract the .ico files to a directory of your choice. To use a colored icon open the Properties of a shortcut, on the shortcut tab select change Icon, then browser to the .ico file that you want to use for the shortcut.

3b. What is the effect of "Limit to single instance"

"Limit to single instance" limits KeePass to running one KeePass.exe process. This limits the user to a single Workspace. It must be unchecked if you wish to work in separate Workspaces.


  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-02-21
    • status: open --> closed
    • Milestone: dir-feb-21 --> forge-feb-21
  • Anonymous - 2014-02-21

    Originally by: wellread1

    This is the third attempt to escape the filter. I took three measures to assure a standard post.

    1. Rebooted my computer
    2. Logged out of my Sourceforge account and relogged in.
    3. Did not use a direct link to access the thread.
  • Anonymous - 2014-02-21

    Originally by: wellread1

    I am beginning to wonder if a fragile tiered SF_Site-SF_Forum authentication process could account for the issue. However, the existence of a tiered authentication process is a significant assumption. It could account for two faults that I have encountered.

    When posting:

    1. Forum authentication fails but SF authentication succeeds. The user is diverted to a SF login page but is found to be logged in. Upon returning the original post is lost but reposting succeeds (forum authentication has been reset).

    2. Forum authentication succeeds but SF authentication fails. The post is allowed but treated as formally anonymous so the post is diverted to "Post awaiting moderation" but the poster's handle is known and shown. The condition persists until something happens to reset the user's SourceForge site authentication (the user is not necessarily aware of the condition).

    3. Forum authentication fails and SF authentication fails. I am not aware of this happening, but I might not detect it if manifests as "not logged in". Even if it occurred during posting I may have dismissed it without thought.

    I have experienced both conditions 1 and 2 with conditions 1 being rather more frequent than 2. So much so that I have adopted defensive editing methods (saving temporary copies of prospective posts) to avoid losing them.

    In any event I am waiting to hear from the folks on the Allura project.

  • Anonymous - 2014-04-14

    Originally by: wellread1

    The KeePass-2.26-Setup.exe file downloaded from http://keepass.info/download.html works for me when run as a Standard User on Windows 7 Home Premium. The error message the you receive (but I don't) suggests that installer is encountering permissions issues creating temp files in the %TMP% folder. e.g.

    Unable to execute file in the temporary directory. Setup aborted. Error 5: Access is denied"

    When I initiate setup as a Standard User, I am prompted for an administrator password, then a temp folder is created named "is-XXXXX.tmp" (where the XXXXX is a random string, and the "is-" prefix is constant on my system) in the %TMP% directory.

    Some things you could try that won't hurt but might help are:

    • Disk cleanup of temp folders
    • Reboot
    • Install from a different account

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