#7657 Admin page for user details & edit fields


The admin search for users should have a page to show user details, as well as be able to edit a few fields. The project search results just linked to existing project pages but there isn't one with enough detail and functionality for users so we need to build it.

The page should show:

  • username
  • fullname
  • date registered
  • last login / session info
  • an empty jinja block that can be overridden for extra info
  • list of projects (at bottom of page in case it's long)
  • user audit log (this is already a separate page, but I think it'd be good to include here. Existing audit log lookup & display pages can be removed)

Editable fields:

  • disabled (radio true/false). Should fire a g.post_event for it.
  • email addresses. Make sure any changes are saved to user-audit log. May want to refactor and reuse the widget & controller on /auth/preferences for this? If so, would be a good time to separate out the "Display Name" and "Page Size" into a separate form and separate controller method.
  • a button to "Set Random Password"
  • a button to send forgotten password link for the user (it can just submit the primary email address to the existing forgot password form)


Tickets: #7657


  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-09-08
    • Size: --> 4
  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-09-09
    • status: open --> in-progress
    • assigned_to: Igor Bondarenko
  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-09-09


    • #649: [#7657] Admin page for user details: general info (2cp)
    • #650: [#7657] Admin page for user details: audit log (1cp)
    • #651: [#7657] Admin page for user details: editable fields (4cp)


    Tickets: #7657

  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-09-17
    • status: in-progress --> code-review
  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-09-17


    Available at /nf/admin/user/<username>

    There's a couple of new tests commented out in a last commit. I can't figure out why, but they cause allura/tests/test_dispatch.py to hang when run together with other tests. Also I have added and then removed tests for enable/disable user for the same reason.

    I think it needs another pair of eyes on it, since I've already spent too much time dealing with this tests and have no idea what's happening... Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

    sftheme needs styles for fieldset/legend, since I have moved them from a template to site_style.css. I don't have write access to sftheme repo, so here's the change:

    diff --git allura/sftheme/nf/sftheme/sass/partials/_base.scss allura/sftheme/nf/sftheme/sass/partials/_base.scss
    index d113936..e1f0e83 100644
    --- allura/sftheme/nf/sftheme/sass/partials/_base.scss
    +++ allura/sftheme/nf/sftheme/sass/partials/_base.scss
    @@ -322,3 +322,16 @@ input.nofloat {
     #account-tooltip .emboss{
       box-shadow: none;
    +fieldset {
    +    margin-bottom: 2em;
    +    border: 1px solid silver;
    +    padding: 8px;
    +    -webkit-border-radius: 4px;
    +    -moz-border-radius: 4px;
    +    border-radius: 4px;
    +legend {
    +    margin: .2em;
    +    padding: .2em;
    +    font-size: 1.5em;
  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-09-17

    Quick response: try using ./run_tests which runs them in parallel, I think that'll work around it. Alex and I have had some discussions about this issue as well. I'll start a new mailing list thread about it.

  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-09-18

    Our internal CI uses ./run_tests and it hangs there also :(

  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-09-18

    Updated branch with one more commit to help [#7658]

  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-09-19
    • Labels: --> 42cc
  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-09-22

    I've reverted commits with deleted/commented tests since those are useful. They pass when run in parallel, so problem is not with those specific tests.

    Also, rebased on a new master (there were some conflicts).

    Branch je/42cc_7657b

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-09-22
    • Milestone: forge-sep-19 --> forge-oct-3
  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-09-29
    • status: code-review --> in-progress
    • QA: Dave Brondsema
  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2014-09-29

    Take a look at branch db/7657

    I have rebased to squash the commits involving test commenting out and restoring, so that the history is cleaner. Please take a review of the last few commits with your name, and make sure I didn't make any mistake in the rebase.

    I also added a handful of fixes and small improvements of my own, so please take a look at those and make sure they're fine.

    If so, go ahead and merge to master, no need to bounce the ticket back to me just for the merge. Everything looks good to me.

  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-10-01
    • status: in-progress --> closed
  • Igor Bondarenko

    Igor Bondarenko - 2014-10-01

    Rebased on new master with few minor conflicts. Looks good to me

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2015-01-05
    • Milestone: unreleased --> asf_release_1.2.0

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