#8089 Load all comments for Discussions in Tickets

Rohan Verma


Since we utilize the same discussion tool between the Forum's and Tickets and Merge Requests;

I want to propose that we disable pagination for tickets and merge requests and load all the comments in the ticket at once. It is a simple one line change and I have already made the change in one of my branches and would be happy to send a merge request if this is suitable.

My observations are:
1. Tickets/MRs utilize a lot of shared information that might be useful to scroll through.
2. Due to pagination being less friendly to Search Engines, content inside issues often do not show up on search resulting in duplicate tickets being made.
3. Similarly, duplication of comments might also take place, say for example during the resolution of a ticket some user points out some information in page 2 but the new user reading it might post the same information without having to reach page 2.


  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-06-06

    Not just tickets and MRs, but wiki comments, and blog comments, and discussion forums all use the same threaded comment system.

    I agree with your observations, but we also need to consider the extreme case, like a ticket or a forum thread that has hundreds or maybe even thousands of replies. From my experience this can cause the server-side time to render the page to be too long. And on the client side, it would be a lot of data to download and render, that probably isn't all needed.

    We could increase the default page size to a much higher number (100?) to help most cases, without overloading server or client on the extremely large threads.

    • Rohan Verma

      Rohan Verma - 2016-06-14

      Yes, but I wanted to change the behaviour of only tickets and MRs to have no paging. Forums and blog comments can be left with their original behavior.

      {{c.thread.display(value=thread,new_post_text="New Comment",page=page,limit=limit,count=count)}}
      {{c.thread.display(value=thread,new_post_text="New Comment")}}

      in: merge_request.html and ticket.html



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