#8108 tracker markdown text editor handles end key incorrectly


Sorry everyone, I know I've reported this before. I tried really hard to find it. Maybe it got lost somewhere or was reported to SF by accident and didn't make it over to allura.

Anyway. I hope the topic is self-explanatory. Enter a lot of text into a markdown text editor, like the one I'm entering text into right this moment. Now go up a couple of lines and hit end. It should go to the end of that line. But rather, it goes to the end of the paragraph. This is maddening. Compare to github if you need to compare.


  • zeromus

    zeromus - 2016-08-03

    If it's working the way it is on purpose by default when theres another option, then theyre literally insane. Please apply the workaround so that this functions like every other editor on the planet (?)

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-08-09
    • status: open --> in-progress
    • assigned_to: Dave Brondsema
  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-08-09
    • status: in-progress --> review
  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-08-09

    Branch db/8108

  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-08-11
    • status: review --> closed
  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2016-08-22
    • Milestone: unreleased --> v1.5.0

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