#8194 Persist the list of commits on Merge requests


This will provide a performance improvement over running merge_request_commits every time the page is viewed. It will also allow a merge request to continue to show its list of commits after it has been merged. (Currently they will show no commits, since the downstream fork has nothing new relative to the upstream primary)


  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2018-03-09
    • status: in-progress --> review
  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2018-03-09


    • make sure to restart taskd, so it gets the code changes
    • test as a project admin, which as a one-click merge button, and thus more code runs to check mergability
    • the cached list of commits won't update if there are new commits upstream (origin) e.g. if a single commit was cherry-picked, or if there was some branch with shared commits that got merged. I think that is ok though, since it keeps thing simpler, and is not really a big problem if it does happen. Moreover, if we did update the list of commits, it would go to 0 after the merge request got merged, which is what we're trying to avoid :)
  • Kenton Taylor

    Kenton Taylor - 2018-03-09
    • status: review --> closed
  • Kenton Taylor

    Kenton Taylor - 2018-03-09


  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2018-09-24
    • Milestone: unreleased --> v1.9.0

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