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Hello Team/Developers

A new app ‘Files’ is now ready to be a part of Allura
A summary on its functionality :

  1. Files can be uploaded and folders can be created in any hierarchy.
  2. A ‘Download’ button is available at the project level , and the latest executable is linked to it. Please refer to the attached snippet.
  3. Options available on both files and folders:

    a. Edit : name of file or folder can be edited
    b. Delete : Deletes from the DB, irreversible change. Like in Sourceforge, on delete action the admin
    has to type ‘DELETE’ to confirm.
    c. Disable : The file that is disabled or the files under a disabled folder are no longer downloadable.
    The file/folder row in the table is greyed out. The disabled folder can be enabled.

If certain version is buggy or obsolete, admin can make it disabled.
It is completely the admin’s choice weather to use Disable, or Delete or both.
4. Option available only on files:
Link : One file per project can be linked to the ‘Download’ button (this would typically be the latest executable of the project)

  1. Option available only on folders:
    Publish: Sends a mail to all subscribers of this app.
    To be able to publish a folder, a file under it should be linked to the Download button. Typically, this option is used to publish a new version, so the executable under this folder has to be linked to the Download button.
    On the publish option, the admin can provide release notes (in a text area in the publish dialog) that will be included in the notification mail.
  2. For non-admin user
    a. Non-admin users only have read (download) option. The ‘Action’ column is not shown.
    b. Automatically gets subscribed to the Files app when he downloads a file either from Download button or by clicking on any file
  3. Some general points
    a. The look-n-feel is made to match the Code app.
    b. In Admin options, ‘Rename’ and ‘Delete Everything’ is available
    c. Activity logs are made for creation and deletion of file and folder (under the Activity app)

Here the snippets of the complete view of the app with all the Admin options, for a file and a folder, which is uploaded under a long hierarchy (i.e folder inside folder) is uploaded.

Please go through the attachments.

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  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2021-07-01
    • status: open --> closed
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