Dave Brondsema - 2020-06-30


I believe you can fix that by running docker-compose run web pip install -e git://github.com/brondsem/html2text.git#egg=html2text and then docker-compose restart web taskd The html2text package isn't installed by default because it has a GPL license and Apache projects make releases only with Apache and similar licenses. You are free to install the GPL library though.

The error message probably should be better, although the Trac import isn't used a lot, so its probably not encountered much.

Lastly, I work at SourceForge and noticed a few days ago a trac import failed, I think it was probably you and the "eXe" project? 😄 It seems like an unexpected formatting/parsing issue on some attachment info, but haven't digged in deeper than that. Likely due to an older or newer Trac version than the Allura import code was originally writen for. Like I said it hasn't been used a lot, so may need some tweaks.