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8326 Helm charts for deployment. open Pranav Sharma Dave Brondsema 0  
8116 Branches directly from Tickets. open Pranav Sharma 1  
8115 Integrate various Continuous Integration Services for projects. open Pranav Sharma 0  
8114 Slack as an option to IRC in ForgeChat. in-progress Pranav Sharma 0  
8032 Set up primary emails for test users (paster setup-app) closed Pranav Sharma Dave Brondsema 0  
8031 Search interface for blog closed Pranav Sharma search Dave Brondsema 0  
8029 Submitter should be able to reject merge request closed Pranav Sharma merge-requests 0  
8018 First confirmed email should become the primary closed Pranav Sharma Heith Seewald 0  
8005 Subprojects not checked for 'deleted' flag closed Pranav Sharma sf-current, sf-1 Dave Brondsema 0  
7949 Better listing of files changed in a certain commit closed Pranav Sharma ux Dave Brondsema 0  
7929 Enable voting on tickets by default closed Pranav Sharma bitesize Dave Brondsema 1  
4153 RSS feed for blog not showing revisions or deleted posts closed Pranav Sharma Dave Brondsema 2  
1695 Add a Save button to the top half of the ticket view somewhere in-progress Pranav Sharma Dave Brondsema 0  
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