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4894 Better handling of inability to configure logging closed Dave Brondsema stability, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
4846 Solr syntax is case sensitive: Help syntax uses "and" but it is "AND" closed Dave Brondsema docs, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
4837 Add index on audit_log NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX closed Dave Brondsema performance, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
4796 Error 500 in Git code browser [ss352] closed support, sf-0 0  
4457 Fix has_home_tool() implementation closed 42cc, performance, sf-0 0  
4430 SF2.0: Clicking 'Search' button on tickets/search page does nothing [26301] closed support, sf-0 0  
4190 Option to limit the tools shown in project list closed 42cc, adobe, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
4181 Blog tool should be able to pull in rss feeds NEEDS CRON closed adobe, 42cc, import, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
4143 Reprocess SVN history page? [25367] closed support, sf-0 0  
4116 Easy copy&paste from the code browser closed 42cc, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
3940 Discussion Forum description displays link as html code [24936] closed Rick Copeland support, sf-0 0  
3833 Add Preview button to comment box when editing a ticket closed Jenny Steele sf-0 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
3689 Typo in Ming docs wont-fix sf-0 0  
3608 Common file types we can display are hidden in scm browse wont-fix sf-0 0  
3020 Commit browser doesn't work in Opera invalid sf-0 0  
2886 Forking should have a useful label. closed 42cc, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
2670 Forum/Discussion moderated messages do not generate notification emails when approved closed sf-0 0  
2271 Ticket incorrectly in moderation queue closed sf-0 0  
2098 SF2.0: display notice that commit browser doesn't work in IE8 [19266] closed support, sf-0 0  
1567 improve the interface for picking an initial SCM at project creation time wont-fix sf-0 0  
1514 user subscriptions UI cleanup wont-fix Mark Ramm sf-0 0  
1467 Fix feed.rss NoneType is not iterable closed Jenny Steele sf-0 0  
1439 Discussion in my project that belong to another project. [17100] closed Rick Copeland sf-0 0  
1131 Add scss renderer to EasyWidgets wont-fix sf-0 0  
686 editing a ticket now clears the 'assigned_to' field closed Jenny Steele sf-0 0  
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