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8082 Rate limit artifact creation per-user NEEDS INDEX closed Dave Brondsema spam 0  
8047 Akismet filter needs to send original metadata when reporting spam/ham closed Dave Brondsema spam, sf-1 Heith Seewald 0  
6864 Add spam button for comments closed 42cc, spam Cory Johns 0  
5725 Send wiki pages through our spam checking/logging closed Tim Van Steenburgh spam, sf-1 Dave Brondsema 0  
5580 Spam filtering should check all comments and handle errors closed Tim Van Steenburgh spam, sf-2 Cory Johns 0  
5571 Spam moderation - comments - NEEDS INI closed spam, 42cc Cory Johns 0  
5534 UnicodeEncodeError in anti-spam check closed Tim Van Steenburgh spam, support, p3, sf-1 Cory Johns 1  
5455 Fix akismet closed Tim Van Steenburgh spam, sf-1 Dave Brondsema 0  
5400 Crowd-sourcing of spam identification for project blogs open spam 0  
5271 Add disabled flag to Allura User model closed Cory Johns spam, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 0  
2584 Allow deleting tickets & undo closed support, p3, spam, 42cc Tim Van Steenburgh 2  
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