class allura.model.auth.User

Return true if User is permitted to send a mesage to another user.

Returns False if User has exceeded the user message rate limit, in which case another message may not be sent until sufficient time has passed to clear the limit.


Return only projects for which user has that role.


Returns the personal user-project for the user

send_user_mention_notification(mentioned_by, artifact)

Send user mention notification to {self} user.

send_user_message(user, subject, message, cc)

Send a user message (email) to user.


Return a timedelta of the time remaining before this user can send another user message.

Returns zero if user message can be sent immediately.


Return the URL (relative to root domain) for this user’s user-project. This includes any special handling via the AuthenticationProvider to determine the proper user-project name

class allura.model.auth.ProjectRole

Per-project roles, called “Groups” in the UI. This can be a proxy for a single user. It can also inherit roles.

  • user_id – used if this role is for a single user
  • project_id
  • name
  • roles – a list of other ProjectRole ObjectId values. These roles are delegated through the current role.
class allura.model.auth.AuditLog