class allura.model.timeline.ActivityNode
class allura.model.timeline.ActivityObject

Allura’s base activity class.

property activity_extras

Return a BSON-serializable dict of extra stuff to store on the activity.

property activity_name

Override this for each Artifact type.

property allura_id

Return a string which uniquely identifies this object and which can be used to retrieve the object from mongo.

has_activity_access(perm, user, activity)

Return True if user has perm access to this object, otherwise return False.

class allura.model.timeline.Aggregator(activity_manager, node_manager)
class allura.model.timeline.Director(**conf)

Overrides the default ActivityDirector to kick off background timeline aggregations after an activity is created.

class allura.model.timeline.TransientActor(activity_name)

An activity actor which is not a persistent Node in the network.


Given a BSON-serialized activity object (e.g. activity.obj dict in a timeline), return the corresponding ActivityObject.

allura.model.timeline.perm_check(user: M.User)

Return a function that returns True if user has ‘read’ access to a given activity, otherwise returns False.