class allura.model.types.ACE(permissions, **kwargs)

Access Control Entry

  • access – either ACE.ALLOW or ACE.DENY

  • reason (str) – optional, user-entered text

  • role_id – _id for a ProjectRole

  • permission (str) – e.g. ‘read’, ‘create’, etc

class allura.model.types.ACL(permissions=None, **kwargs)

Access Control List. Is an array of ACE

classmethod contains(ace, acl)

Test membership of ace in acl ignoring ace.reason field.

Return actual ACE with reason filled if ace is found in acl, None otherwise

e.g. ACL.contains(ace, acl) will return {role_id=ObjectId(…), permission=’read’, access=’DENY’, reason=’Spammer’} with following vars:

ace = M.ACE.deny(role_id, ‘read’) # reason = None acl = [{role_id=ObjectId(…), permission=’read’, access=’DENY’, reason=’Spammer’}]

class allura.model.types.MarkdownCache(**kw)