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7969 Option to force phone validation language NEEDS INI closed Dave Brondsema phone, sf-1 Heith Seewald 0  
7964 test_merge_request_detail_view fails (intermittent) closed Dave Brondsema sf-2 Heith Seewald 0  
7963 Speed up commit view by disabling copy detection by default -- NEEDS INI closed Heith Seewald performance, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 0  
7960 clean_phone_number function is too eager to prepend 1- closed Dave Brondsema phone, sf-1 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7959 Need to set focus when phone validation overlay appears closed Dave Brondsema phone, ux, sf-1 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7957 Document how to run allura with gunicorn/uwsgi/mod_wsgi closed Dave Brondsema sf-4 Heith Seewald 0  
7956 Research odd behavior / bugs in simplemde closed Dave Brondsema ux, sf-4, markdown-editor 0  
7955 Add more formatting support to markdown editor closed Dave Brondsema ux, sf-4 Heith Seewald 0  
7953 API endpoints error when using access_token as URL param closed Dave Brondsema bitesize, api, sf-2 0  
7950 Markdown editor should have max height closed Dave Brondsema ux, markdown, sf-1 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7948 Cursor position often wrong in new markdown editor closed Igor Bondarenko ux, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 0  
7946 Error setting channel in Chat's options closed Igor Bondarenko 42cc Heith Seewald 0  
7943 Limit the "_discuss" results from the tickets api. closed Igor Bondarenko api, sf-2, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
7925 Speed up diff processing with binary files closed Heith Seewald performance, sf-4 Heith Seewald 0  
7924 Update icons closed Igor Bondarenko new-admin, sf-4, 42cc, ux Dave Brondsema 0  
7923 Left sidebar should show appropriate links when viewing tool options closed Igor Bondarenko new-admin, 42cc, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 0  
7922 Add "admin" section to the left sidebar closed Igor Bondarenko sf-4, new-admin, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
7918 Subversion renames shown incorrectly on commit page closed support, ss9622 0  
7913 Handle parsing of the output from git 2.4.0+ closed Dave Brondsema sf-2 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7911 Remove "bin" terminology from saved searches pages closed Igor Bondarenko bitesize, 42cc, ux Dave Brondsema 0  
7871 Send email notifiction on wiki page delete closed Igor Bondarenko bitesize, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
7822 Should not show draft blog post changes in activity stream closed Igor Bondarenko 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
7538 If diff is empty, it shouldn't show "empty file" [ss7532] closed Igor Bondarenko p3, support, 42cc, bitesize Dave Brondsema 0  
7537 svn should show "moved" instead of "changed" [ss7531] closed support, p3, bitesize 0  
7403 [Allura|Bug] - Typo found in initial Git command description. closed Jason Redd bitesize 0  
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