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5023 Fix mongo mailbox query performance NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX, SCRIPT closed Dave Brondsema performance, sf-1 Cory Johns 0  
4940 taskd should be able to process fast & slow tasks separately closed Cory Johns performance, sf-1 Dave Brondsema 0  
4837 Add index on audit_log NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX closed Dave Brondsema performance, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
4832 Add missing instrumentation for commit view pages closed Tim Van Steenburgh performance, p2, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 0  
4571 Add caching headers to images & docs served from allura closed Dave Brondsema performance, sf-2 Cory Johns 0  
4457 Fix has_home_tool() implementation closed 42cc, performance, sf-0 0  
4359 Reduce duplicate queries in threaded discussion display open performance 0  
4358 Remove unnecessary project lookups from app config setup closed Dave Brondsema performance, v2, sf-1 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
4357 Build top nav using main_menu() instead of sitemap() methods closed Dave Brondsema performance, v2 0  
4308 Research & fix timermiddleware inconsistencies closed Cory Johns performance, sf-1 0  
4307 Timermiddleware: categorize page types closed Tim Van Steenburgh performance, v2, sf-2 0  
4265 slow mongo queries NEEDS ENSURE INDEX closed Cory Johns performance, v2, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 0  
4091 ensure_index takes for ever looping over every single project closed performance, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
4039 Allura should be able use mongo slaves open performance 0  
3937 Make individual ticket pages faster - NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX closed Tim Van Steenburgh performance, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 0  
3642 Test speedup by reducing user-app installation closed Tim Van Steenburgh tests, performance, sf-2 0  
3435 Analyze monq_task performance invalid performance, metrics 0  
3146 Commit browser needs to be more efficient closed scmrefactor, performance, sf-4 0  
2530 Add new mongo indexes - NEEDS ENSURE INDEX closed Tim Van Steenburgh performance, sf-1 0  
1472 solr update responsiveness open performance, support, p3 2  
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