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5316 Check on HTML tags allowed in Markdown closed Dave Brondsema adobe, sf-1 Cory Johns 0  
4250 Wiki preview is slightly narrower than actual closed Dave Brondsema nbhd home, adobe, sf-1 Cory Johns 0  
4190 Option to limit the tools shown in project list closed 42cc, adobe, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
4187 Neighborhood option to not show title area closed 42cc, adobe Dave Brondsema 0  
4181 Blog tool should be able to pull in rss feeds NEEDS CRON closed adobe, 42cc, import, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
3970 GA tracking for Neighborhood and projects closed Cory Johns adobe, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 0  
3717 Create markdown macro for displaying RSS feeds open adobe 0  
2692 Allow svn checkout customization - INI UPDATE closed Jenny Steele adobe, sf-2 0  
2599 Add limit option to project list macro closed Rick Copeland adobe, motorola, sf-1 0  
2598 Wiki macro for best-download closed Jenny Steele adobe, sf-1 0  
2374 Update projects macro to allow list display closed Rick Copeland adobe, sf-2 0  
1532 Don't show project icon placeholder closed adobe, 42cc 0  
1192 SVN repo not showing full tree - NEEDS SCRIPT closed Rick Copeland adobe, bug 0  
1093 Svn repo not showing logs anymore closed Rick Copeland bug, adobe, sf-2 0  
745 Add paging to the neighborhood home pages (/u/, /p/, /adobe/) closed Jenny Steele adobe, sf-2 0  
725 SCM: source code view for text files with non-standard extensions closed adobe 0  
633 markdown: extra spaces after links closed Rick Copeland adobe, sf-4 0  
629 markdown: whitespace disappears in code blocks closed Jenny Steele adobe, sf-4 0  
628 gravatar display issues closed adobe, sf-4 0  
381 Configure oembed wont-fix adobe, sf-4 0  
173 Enforce some openness in permissions closed adobe, sf-0 0  
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