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8468 update RAML versions open api, docs 0  
8009 Set up maintenance command to clean 'notification' collection open docs 0  
7995 Some docker config & doc improvements closed Dave Brondsema sf-1, docker, docs Heith Seewald 0  
7835 Update theme for the documentation. closed Heith Seewald Documentation, docs, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 0  
7829 Webhooks documentation closed Igor Bondarenko docs, 42cc, sf-1 Dave Brondsema 0  
7252 More activity stream docs open Tim Van Steenburgh docs, sf-2 0  
7173 Improve auth docstrings closed Dave Brondsema docs, sf-1 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
6896 Developer architecture docs closed Tim Van Steenburgh docs, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 0  
6424 Document new forum API closed Dave Brondsema docs, sf-1 0  
6373 Document administrative commands closed Dave Brondsema docs, sf-4 Igor Bondarenko 0  
5943 Post-setup instructions closed Igor Bondarenko docs, bitesize, getting-started, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 1  
5886 Allura Plugin Tutorial closed docs, sf-1 0  
5424 Provide instructions for running git/hg/svn services closed Dave Brondsema docs, sf-4 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
4846 Solr syntax is case sensitive: Help syntax uses "and" but it is "AND" closed Dave Brondsema docs, sf-0 Cory Johns 0  
2313 install instructions should have 'curl' as dependency package, and clarify scm.repos.root open docs 0  
1650 Show examples of anon access for the REST API open docs, sf-4 0  
1596 Improve api documentation closed allura-api, docs 0  
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