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8064 Update export API docs & script for with_attachments open export, bitesize 0  
8063 Better folder structure in export zip files open export 0  
6920 Include bulk_export_download_instructions in export API result open allura-api, bitesize, export 1  
6919 Export API's tools params should be optional open allura-api, bitesize, export 1  
6692 Exports should be scriptable; Simple oauth API via bearer tokens closed Cory Johns export, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 0  
6662 Add attachments to Export [ss5383] closed Denis Kotov export, sf-4, sf-current, 42cc Heith Seewald 2  
6661 Forum posts are missing timestamps in export closed Cory Johns export, sf-2 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
6619 Export is missing tickets, has wrong domain name in urls closed Dave Brondsema export, sf-1 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
6614 Add a "check all" button on export page closed export, 42cc Cory Johns 0  
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