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5773 Allura Code Viewer: provide more information in History view closed feature-parity, 42cc Dave Brondsema 2  
5716 We should populate the "Other ways to get help" for /support on allura projects NEEDS INI closed Dave Brondsema support, p3, feature-parity, sf-2 Cory Johns 0  
5644 New GIT RSS feed has superflous title string. [ss2482] closed support, p3, feature-parity, 42cc Dave Brondsema 1  
4907 Ticket stats for allura projects open feature-parity 26  
4906 Forum stats for allura projects closed feature-parity 22  
4790 Allow additional fields to be shown on bug tracker closed feature-parity, migration, 42cc Dave Brondsema 7  
4618 SCM statistics for Allura projects open feature-parity, p3 80  
4363 Need admin privileges in allura interface to add files (sometimes?) [26087] invalid support, feature-parity 0  
4339 Move tickets between ticket tools/projects closed for-support, p3, migration, feature-parity, 42cc Cory Johns 15  
4264 svn import with invalid cert closed feature-parity, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
3154 Users need a way to backup allura data [idt 824] NEEDS INI closed support, feature-parity, p2, 42cc, sf-2 16  
3106 Add additional free form text blocks to tracker tool closed Jenny Steele trackermigration feature-parity, sf-2 0  
3105 Ticket tools should have a pending/overdue setting open trackermigration feature-parity, migration, sf-4 0  
3102 Allow tool level notifications to custom e-mail address closed Jenny Steele trackermigration feature-parity, sf-4 0  
3050 Enable/disable per forum anon posting privs closed Jenny Steele forummigration, feature-parity, sf-2 0  
2962 Add an option to restrict forums within the discussion tool to be member/developer visible only closed Dave Brondsema forummigration, feature-parity, sf-4 0  
2943 Update discussion tool to allow all posts to be sent to an email address closed Rick Copeland forummigration, feature-parity, sf-4 0  
2904 Show recent project activity invalid feature-parity 0  
2840 RFE: code snapshots for allura repos closed support, p3, feature-parity, 42cc Cory Johns 7  
2619 Send SCM updates to a mailing list [21171] closed support, feature-parity 1  
2541 Add a UI for importing SVN repos closed Jenny Steele feature-parity, sf-2 0  
1427 Enable forum-level subscriptions closed Jenny Steele migration, feature-parity, sf-4 0  
870 SCM - Write a 'blame' interface for SCM file views open feature-parity, support, p3 2  
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