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8122 Add a ForgeImporter for JIRA Tickets in-progress Rohan Verma 0  
8106 tracker: can't reply to comment which was just moderated Approved closed Rohan Verma Dave Brondsema 0  
8104 Skip creating metapost if list of changes is empty closed Rohan Verma Dave Brondsema 0  
8095 Search for files in ForgeGit open Rohan Verma 0  
8093 Developing Mobile Web View open Rohan Verma 0  
8092 REST API for User Activity does not work due to missing attribute closed Rohan Verma api Dave Brondsema 0  
8090 Show merge requests in sidebar, even if there are 0 closed Rohan Verma merge-requests, bitesize Dave Brondsema 0  
8089 Load all comments for Discussions in Tickets open Rohan Verma 0  
8088 Design changes to Discussions closed Rohan Verma ui Dave Brondsema 0  
8087 Make Columns resizable in ticket table and ticket search closed Rohan Verma ui Dave Brondsema 0  
8086 Add buttons for commonly used solr lucene query syntax below ticket search open Rohan Verma 0  
8077 Add author profile picture information to the post inside response from the API closed Rohan Verma api Dave Brondsema 0  
8072 Change "asked you to merge" text closed Rohan Verma bitesize, merge-requests Heith Seewald 0  
7965 Improve git/hg/svn endpoints for rest api closed Rohan Verma api 0  
7682 Add confirmation dialog to award/awardgrant delete closed Rohan Verma ux, bitesize 0  
7145 When deleting a tool, the solr call should be a bg task closed Rohan Verma bitesize Dave Brondsema 0  
6581 Show commits when creating a Merge Request open Rohan Verma merge-requests 1  
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