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8064 Update export API docs & script for with_attachments open export, bitesize 0  
7977 Improvements to AlluraTimerMiddleware open bitesize 0  
7860 misleading link to wrong rss file open bitesize 0  
7169 (Re-)add appropriate links to Markdown Syntax guide open bitesize 0  
6997 Metadata events open activitystreams, bitesize 0  
6920 Include bulk_export_download_instructions in export API result open allura-api, bitesize, export 1  
6919 Export API's tools params should be optional open allura-api, bitesize, export 1  
6816 When previewing a comment, "cancel" doesn't visibly clear input [ss5771] open p3, support, bitesize 0  
6664 Need a minimum start date for forum stats open bitesize 0  
6018 New ticket label tags are a bit bulky / unpretty open ux, bitesize, sf-1 0  
6008 hovering over edit date should display exact edit time [ss3211] open p3, support, bitesize 0  
3475 when editing the view columns in tracker results, sorting on a field column re-adds hidden columns open bitesize 0  
3286 Tags sorted in random way. Mercurial code browser [22807] open support, p3, bitesize 0  
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