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7939 Publish our RAML files closed Heith Seewald allura-api, sf-4 0  
7875 Tracker stats 500 error when accessed via the allura-api open allura-api 0  
7789 Return more fields in ticket API search results closed Igor Bondarenko allura-api, sf-1, 42cc 0  
7633 API for has_access closed Igor Bondarenko allura-api, 42cc, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 0  
7326 API cleanup: rename `app.has_access` to indicate it is mail-specific open cleanup, allura-api 0  
7208 DOAP API for projects closed allura-api, 42cc, doap Dave Brondsema 0  
6958 Better ordinal options for install tool API closed Cory Johns allura-api, sf-1 Tim Van Steenburgh 1  
6920 Include bulk_export_download_instructions in export API result open allura-api, bitesize, export 1  
6919 Export API's tools params should be optional open allura-api, bitesize, export 1  
6804 Api to install a tool closed allura-api, 42cc Cory Johns 0  
6797 Move API docs from wiki to Allura (with raml?) closed Heith Seewald allura-api, asf, sf-4 Dave Brondsema 1  
6640 Expose votes on Ticket json format closed Dave Brondsema allura-api, sf-1 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
6638 Ticket importer for allura export format - CONFIGTREE UPDATE closed Cory Johns allura-api, sf-4 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
6613 Tracker API should include config & milestones & saved bins closed allura-api, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
6446 Forum API should check for posts' status closed 42cc, allura-api Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
5818 API ticket updates should use web form logic open allura-api 0  
5652 No attachment info for Allura API closed support, p3, 42cc, allura-api Dave Brondsema 1  
5650 Implement API endpoint for discussion tool closed support, p3, 42cc, allura-api Cory Johns 0  
4633 Supplement oauth with simple api keys closed allura-api, sf-4 1  
4527 API for posting to blog closed allura-api 0  
4273 API to update ticket fields open v2, allura-api 1  
1596 Improve api documentation closed allura-api, docs 0  
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