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7980 Fix pep8 and pyflakes violations closed Dave Brondsema cleanup, sf-2 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7958 Clean up old project-level permission management page wont-fix cleanup, subproject 0  
7952 Update beautifulsoup usage to v4 open cleanup 0  
7562 monq_task 'args' index NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX closed Dave Brondsema cleanup, sf-1 Igor Bondarenko 0  
7326 API cleanup: rename `app.has_access` to indicate it is mail-specific open cleanup, allura-api 0  
7308 Make index page better open getting-started, cleanup 0  
7187 Deprecate subforums open performance, cleanup 0  
6756 Remove support for Neighborhoods having absolute url prefixes open cleanup 0  
6716 __json__ should return plain dicts closed Cory Johns cleanup, sf-1 Dave Brondsema 0  
6715 Change has_access() handling of DENY open cleanup 0  
6714 Rename & move User.project_role() closed Cory Johns cleanup, sf-1 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
6582 Refactor Tracker Globals field into app.config.options open cleanup 0  
6190 Refactor custom fields open cleanup 1  
5837 Fix c (tmpl_context) and g (app_globals) imports closed Dave Brondsema cleanup, sf-1 Cory Johns 0  
4808 Factor out SourceForge-specific bits of Allura closed Cory Johns cleanup, sf-2 Tim Van Steenburgh 0  
3938 Stats logging should not go to the "console" handler; remove it NEEDS INI CHANGE closed Dave Brondsema cleanup 0  
3067 Depend on zmq and not all of zarkov closed Rick Copeland cleanup, sf-2 Cory Johns 0  
3060 Delete old scm logic - NEEDS MONGO CMD closed Cory Johns scmrefactor, cleanup, sf-2 0  
2996 Move thread-level subscription UI open ux, cleanup 0  
2601 remove ProjectCategory code open cleanup 0  
2217 Remove the home app code closed Dave Brondsema cleanup 0  
2199 Move trove categories into a nested structure in the project document open cleanup 0  
1792 Combine allura and project-data dbs open cleanup 0  
1780 MonQTask.get code cleanup open cleanup 0  
1742 Core tests should not require all the tools to be installed open cleanup 0  
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