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7537 svn should show "moved" instead of "changed" [ss7531] closed support, p3, bitesize 0  
7536 Re-evaluate default hg hooks [ss7265] open support, p3 0  
7521 Adjust times in tooltips according to timezone open support, p3 0  
7435 All project help pages were lost when migrating MediaWiki [ss7733] wont-fix support, p2 0  
7416 Milestone quick filter not filtering correctly [ss7742] open support, p3 0  
7383 New discussion topic page doesn't have attachment option open support, p3 1  
7378 RSS feeds shouldn't include comments held for moderation [ss7527] closed support, p3, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0  
7353 Cannot delete wiki entries [ss7480] closed Alexander Luberg support, p3, sf-2 Dave Brondsema 3  
7310 "Maxmize" should stick [ss7252] closed Heith Seewald support, p3, sf-1, ux Dave Brondsema 0  
7275 Add users broken in IE11 closed support, p3, 42cc Dave Brondsema 1  
7269 Developer can't move tickets even with Admin on Tickets tool [ss6853] open support, p3 1  
7268 Can't move tickets to subprojects [ss6853] open support, p3 1  
7248 Incorrect commit attributions in activitystreams open support, p3, activitystreams 1  
7225 UndefinedError: 'allura.model.repo.Commit object' has no attribute 'app_config' on some tickets [ss6873] closed Dave Brondsema support, p3, sf-1 Cory Johns 1  
7213 Discussion edit/reply non-functional in IE11 (at least) [ss6846] closed p3, support, 42cc Dave Brondsema 1  
7207 git repos without master branch behave poorly closed p3, support, 42cc Cory Johns 0  
7160 Trac-Tickets Importer Rejects URL Containing IP Address [ss6716] closed p3, support, 42cc, trac, import Dave Brondsema 0  
7115 Partial SVN snapshot not working [ss6552] duplicate support, p3 0  
7072 User can't access personal subscriptions page [ss6565] closed Heith Seewald support, p3, performance, sf-1 Dave Brondsema 0  
7051 500 error with large number of repos [ss6347] closed Tim Van Steenburgh support, p3, sf-2 Cory Johns 0  
7020 Runs of tildes within preformatted text prematurelty end preformatted text block [ss6380] closed support, p3 0  
7007 REST: install_tool:mount_point restrictions are not same as via web interface [ss6309] closed Cory Johns support, p3, sf-1 Cory Johns 0  
6995 Not all authors shown in git commit list [ss6248] closed p3, support, 42cc Cory Johns 0  
6968 svn directory log not showing full history [ss6210] open support, p3 0  
6954 Timeout while processing formatting for tickets in the issue tracker [ss6145] open support, p3 0  
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